There is no singular face of drug addiction. In fact, many of the people who struggle with drug abuse and addiction were first prescribed their drug of choice by a physician. Although prescription drugs are legal in certain contexts, prescription drug addiction is still a growing problem across the country. Fortunately, The Willows at Red Oak Recovery provides clients the prescription drug addiction treatment program for women they need.

Prescription Drug Use, Abuse, and Addiction

the need for a prescription drug addiction treatment program for womenUsing prescription drugs is not inherently a problem. In fact, millions of Americans rely on prescription drugs each year, and most of them don’t have an issue with abuse or addiction. However, there is sometimes a fine line between using prescription drugs legally and being dependent on them.

If a client is using prescription drugs to manage a health condition, and his or her physician is aware of the ongoing use, then it may not be a problem. If that client is using larger amounts of the drug, however, or is lying about their use, then it might be an issue of abuse or even addiction. Any kind of recreational use of prescription drugs is almost certainly a worrying issue.

The Development of an Addiction

When a person becomes addicted to illegal drugs like heroin or cocaine, it is often clear that they need professional help. Unfortunately, it is not always as obvious for those who are dependent on prescription drugs. That is because the development of the addiction is not necessarily a problem to some.

When clients take prescription drugs like opioid painkillers, they can start to become dependent on them. Over time, clients may need more and more of the drug just to feel the same effects or to avoid pain. This is essentially the foundation of addiction. Although the drugs may come from a medical professional, the addiction is very real.

Breaking Free From Prescription Drugs

Overcoming a prescription drug addiction is similar to overcoming any other kind of addiction. Often, the best course of action is to attend a prescription drug addiction treatment program for women. This allows clients to first break free from the chemical bonds of drugs. Then, clients can dig deeper and overcome any underlying issues that might be a factor in sobriety.

Managing Health Concerns in New Ways

At a prescription drug addiction treatment program for women, clients can explore new ways to manage any underlying health concerns. Many women turn to prescription drugs to manage their health, at least initially. When clients confront their prescription drug addiction, some of those initial health concerns might need a new type of treatment.

Sometimes, tactics like physical therapy can be effective. Ultimately, a complete physical exam and advice from a physician is the best way to work toward total health while still avoiding addictive prescription drugs.

Relapse Prevention Training

At a prescription drug addiction treatment program for women, there is an emphasis on healing in the here and now. There should also be a focus on maintaining that newfound sobriety in the future. Through relapse prevention training and aftercare support, clients can feel confident about their continued recovery.

Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Program for Women at The Willows

If you’re looking for womens rehab to address a prescription drug addiction, then The Willows may be the ideal place to recover. This prescription drug addiction treatment program for women includes a range of therapies, just some of which include the following:

  • Trauma therapy
  • Experiential therapy
  • Meditation and yoga therapies
  • 25 clinical hours of therapy each week
  • Aftercare and ongoing support services

The Willows offers the prescription drug addiction treatment program for women you need. Learn more about The Willows and our services by calling (855) 773-0614 today.