Process addictions can take over a person’s life just as much as substance addictions. People may find themselves compulsivelyTherapist consoles patient in process addiction treatment engaging in activities that provide temporary pleasure or relief, ultimately leading to negative consequences and detrimental effects on their overall well-being. Process addiction treatment can help individuals break free from these harmful patterns and regain control of their lives.

The Willows at Red Oak Recovery®’s young women’s addiction treatment is not limited to just substances. Our process addiction treatment in North Carolina provides a comprehensive approach to helping young women find their way back to living a meaningful life. Call us at 855.773.0614 to learn about our compassionate process addiction treatment for women.

What Are Process Addictions?

Process addictions, also known as behavioral addictions, involve compulsive engagement in rewarding non-substance-related behaviors. Even though these behaviors may start as a seemingly harmless habit, they can escalate into an addiction that impacts a person’s daily life and well-being.

Common Process Addictions

Common process addictions include:

  • Gambling
  • Shopping
  • Sex
  • Internet
  • Gaming
  • Eating
  • Relationships

These addictions can have severe consequences, affecting a person’s mental, physical, and financial health.

Common Process Addictions for Women

While process addictions affect both men and women, certain addictions are more common among women. These include shopping, eating disorders, and relationship addiction. It’s crucial to note that addiction does not discriminate, and anyone can fall victim to these destructive behaviors.

Women are under different types of pressures and expectations from society, leading them to turn to process addictions as a coping mechanism. For example, the pressure to maintain a certain body image can lead to disordered eating habits or excessive exercise. Women also experience trauma and abuse at higher rates, which can contribute to the development of process addictions.

Process Addiction Treatment for Women

At The Willows at Red Oak Recovery®, we offer a specialized process addiction treatment program for women aged 18-30. Our team of clinicians and addiction treatment experts provides a supportive and nurturing environment where women can explore the roots of their addiction and work toward recovery.

Our process addiction treatment includes individual therapy, group therapy, and experiential therapies such as equine, adventure, hiking, and art therapy. We also incorporate wellness activities like yoga, meditation, and fitness into our programs.

Benefits of Behavioral Addiction Treatment

Behavioral addiction treatment can help individuals regain control over their lives. It can also:

  • Provide them with the tools to manage their addictive behaviors
  • Improve their mental health
  • Build healthier relationships
  • Develop better coping mechanisms
  • Reduce the risk of relapse

If you or someone you love is struggling with a process addiction, know that help is available. The Willows at Red Oak Recovery® offers personalized and compassionate treatment for women seeking to overcome their harmful behaviors and achieve lasting recovery.

Our long-term treatment programs, extending over 90+ days, provide the necessary time for deep healing and transformation. After the inpatient treatment, we provide a continuum of care, guiding our clients to aftercare or transitional living.

We do not merely address the addiction but also co-occurring mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and unhealthy relationships. Our approach is holistic, taking into account all aspects of a woman’s well-being. At The Willows at Red Oak Recovery®, we believe in the power of nature and experiential therapies. From horseback riding and white water rafting to art therapy and acupuncture, our programs offer a variety of ways for women to explore and express their emotions.

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The Willows at Red Oak Recovery® is a women’s only addiction treatment center in Asheville, North Carolina. We offer a highly clinical yet homey environment where women can focus on their healing and recovery.

If you or a loved one is struggling with a process addiction, reach out to The Willows at Red Oak Recovery® online or by calling 855.773.0614. Our dedicated team is committed to helping women overcome their behavioral addictions and reclaim their lives.