Substance abuse is often tackled using a wide array of treatment approaches. Individual therapy, or counseling, is one treatment modality that remains in use today. The following information will discuss this therapeutic technique in more detail.

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Recognizing a Problem: The First Step Toward Getting Help

You cannot get the professional help you need without acknowledging that a problem is occurring. Recognizing the signs of a substance abuse issue can help you learn when to seek professional treatment. You may notice a severe preoccupation with substance use, physical withdrawal symptoms, chronic mood swings, or personality changes. If the use of addictive substances is negatively impacting your life, you need to seek professional help.

What is Individual Therapy?

Individual counseling is a form of psychotherapy that takes place in a private setting. Each counseling session takes place between the individual seeking therapy and their personal counselor. Since the setting is private, many people feel much more comfortable talking about issues that may be difficult or embarrassing to discuss.

Common Benefits of Individual Therapy

Individual therapy can provide you with many benefits to assist in the healing process. Keep in mind the following list of advantages associated with this form of treatment:

Improvements in Self-Understanding

Those affected by substance abuse may need help in understanding what led them to this point in their lives. Gaining an improved understanding of how their body and mind operate can be very helpful regarding overcoming their issues.

Greater Self-Esteem

Those suffering from substance abuse often deal with self-blame. Chronic issues with self-esteem can hinder the recovery process. Intensive talk therapy can often help these individuals to gain a more balanced view of themselves.

Improved Life Skills

Life skills are an essential part of maintaining a healthy daily schedule. Personal therapy can help an individual to gain a better handle on essential life skills. These efforts might include maintaining proper employment, nutritional therapy, and engaging in beneficial forms of stress reduction activities.

Relapse-Prevention Tools

The fear of experiencing a relapse can be overwhelming for many people. Thankfully, professional counselors can help you come up with a plan to lower your risk of a relapse.

Individual Therapy as Part of a Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Individual therapy often works in conjunction with many other helpful treatment options. A skilled rehab facility will be able to devise a treatment plan that is ideal for your situation and circumstances. Your specific plan might include counseling, group therapy, prescription medication, holistic approaches, and many other endeavors. To get the best long-term results, you may utilize many different addiction therapy services during treatment.

Help at The Willows at Red Oak Recovery

If you have a family member who is suffering from substance abuse, it is normal to feel a wide variety of emotions. At times, you may wish there was more you could do to help your family member. The best assistance you can often provide is to help your loved one locate proper professional substance abuse treatment at a caring facility. Accepting treatment requires strength and courage. However, it is a worthwhile endeavor that will benefit the entire family.

The Willows is a female-only rehabilitation center in Fairview, NC. By offering in-depth treatment options in a compassionate and serene setting, each client can experience the personalized care they deserve at The Willows.

Don’t let an ongoing problem with substance abuse prevent you from living the life of your dreams. You can overcome your challenges by getting professional treatment at a rehab center that wants to see you succeed. Call 855-773-0614 to learn more about The Willows and how individual therapy can help you.