Recovery Management: Return To Recovery

A common misconception surrounding the recovery journey is that there is an end. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. The journey towards recovery is never-ending. Those who achieve recovery through treatment should consistently be aware of their plan to prevent returning to use and never let their guard down. No matter how diligent you might be, a chance of a return to use is always present. People who experience a return to use often have feelings of guilt, shame, and failure. It is important to understand that returning to use never means failure, it is just simply a setback. The Willows at Red Oak Recovery® offers recovery management services for clients who have experienced or are about to experience a return to use after ninety days of being in recovery.

Our recovery management services are based on the Gorski-CENAPS model for relapse prevention and recovery. Our dually licensed clinicians will work alongside a Gorski-trained manager to help clients receive the support they need to get back on track. We help clients work through their negative emotions surrounding a return to use and learn how to move forward in their journey. The team places a significant focus on the thoughts, urges, actions, feelings, and reactions of the individual. Also, recovery management allows family members to participate in our family therapy program to work through any problems the return to use might create. Keeping a strong support system is essential to success.

Recovery Management Services at The Willows at Red Oak Recovery

Recovery Management

Those utilizing our recovery management service can expect the following:

  • Length of stay: minimum 21 days, can be extended if clinically necessary
  • Based on the Gorski-CENAPS Relapse Prevention Program
  • Intensive work with a dedicated Gorski-trained clinical professional
  • High level of collaboration with referring treatment team
  • Focus on individual thoughts, feelings, and other underlying issues that are triggering to the client
  • Gender separate programming
  • Weekly family and referent updates with a primary therapist
  • Placing a focus on relapse prevention as well as providing support for those experiencing a return to use is crucial to continuing the journey of recovery.

About The Willows at Red Oak Recovery

The Willows at Red Oak Recovery is proud to be a women’s only facility under the Red Oak Recovery umbrella. Our Asheville, North Carolina location allows us to provide women with a variety of therapy options in a safe, relaxing, and healing environment. Our team strives to redefine the clinical experience for each and every one of our clients. Along with recovery management, our services include the following:

Don’t struggle with relapse alone, The Willows at Red Oak Recovery is here to help. To learn more about recovery management, contact The Willows at Red Oak Recovery today at 855-773-0614. Our team is ready to help you get back on track in your recovery journey.