Dealing with trauma, substance abuse, and mental health issues can be difficult for individuals and family members alike. In fact, family members are often unsure about how to address the subject. Conversely, individuals stuck in a negative cycle and feel as though their families do not understand what they are experiencing. At The Willows at Red Oak Recovery®, our family therapy program breaks down communication barriers and re-establishes family relationships on the journey to recovery.

What Is Our Family Therapy Program?evidence of a successful family therapy program

At The Willows at Red Oak Recovery®, our family therapy program helps women and their families resolve conflicts through intensive counseling. During the process, families learn strategies for strengthening their relationships while focusing on their own healing. Our designated family therapists lead this type of counseling as part of our comprehensive treatment services.

Our family program includes:

  • Weekly family webinars
  • Weekly phone calls with a designated family therapist
  • Monthly family workshop
  • Suggested reading list

How Family Counseling Works

During our family therapy program, we invite family members to The Willows at Red Oak Recovery® for individualized family sessions to help all family members gain a new perspective on addictive behaviors and family systems. Our program teaches women and their families how to identify negative behaviors and thought patterns. As part of our family therapy program, family members and relatives learn to eliminate toxic behaviors. Additionally, family members learn to provide more effective post-treatment support to their loved ones while continuing on their own journey of getting healthier.

Approaches to Family Counseling

Behavioral therapies are the most common during family counseling because they seek to change negative thought patterns and behaviors. Diverse therapy methods, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing, are common approaches used during our emotionally focused family therapy program. These counseling methods help families learn to identify their strengths and weaknesses, solve problems, and find a healthy way to express emotions.

The Start of a New Life

If you are a woman who struggles with mental health and substance abuse issues, The Willows at Red Oak Recovery®’s family therapy program can help initiate change. Our clinically dynamic care gives both you and your family members the opportunity to mend broken relationships and experience healing. Additionally, we offer various paths to sustainable recovery, including:

If you’re ready to start rebuilding family relationships on the journey to recovery, call The Willows at Red Oak Recovery® today at (855) 773-0614.