Overcoming substance abuse and dependency is a journey that takes a lot of dedication during and after rehab. Thankfully, people can continue to use some types of therapy even after treatment. One such example is yoga therapy, which offers a lot of benefits.

What Is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga is a type of holistic treatment that focuses on the mental and physical aspects of people. It uses breathing exercises, postures, guided imagery, and meditation to achieve overall balance and wellness. A rehab center may also incorporate elements from psychotherapy and physical therapy into yoga programs.

How Does Yoga Help?

individual using yoga therapy during treatmentYoga therapy can aid people who struggle with substance abuse in numerous ways. First, it helps them replace drug highs with natural highs. Studies show that exercise and yoga release endorphins into the brain. These endorphins are natural chemicals that improve people’s overall mood and sense of well-being.

Yoga also helps people reduce stress naturally. Stress is a significant concern for those who struggle with substance abuse. In fact, it’s usually a trigger that leads them to use drugs and makes them want to relapse. Using yoga, they can keep their stress levels down, which effectively lowers their chances of using drugs again.

Yoga therapy is also something that people can do in groups. It allows them to build a reliable support system for during and after rehab. Having a sense of belonging is also a key factor in addiction therapy, and practicing yoga can provide that.

Studies also show that yoga can help people control their own minds or thoughts. Using the practice, they can lower the amount of time that they spend thinking about using drugs. Spending less time thinking about drugs reduces their chances of relapse.

Yoga After Rehab

Yoga Therapy PageThe battle against substance abuse isn’t something that merely ends when people leave rehab. It’s an ongoing battle that people continue to fight their whole lives. With that said, it gets easier the longer that they maintain their sobriety. Picking up a hobby is a great way to prevent relapse and fill their lives with something positive.

Yoga is an excellent hobby for people to engage in. It not only keeps them active but is also affordable. In most cases, they can do yoga in their own homes. They can also join yoga classes, which are reasonably affordable, or yoga groups, many of which are free.

Yoga Alone Isn’t Enough

As great as yoga is, yoga therapy alone isn’t enough to help people break the cycle. It’s essential for them to have access to the other addiction treatment services as well. These additional services address areas of concern such as trauma and underlying mental health problems.

However, a holistic approach is always a great complimentary treatment for traditional therapy. Mixing these two styles gives people the best of both worlds.

Let The Willows at Red Oak Recovery Help You

The Willows at Red Oak Recovery is a women’s rehab center that focuses on both holistic and traditional rehab. We strive to provide reliable treatment options that you can count on. Our experts teach coping skills that you can use during and after rehab. Using these coping skills, you have the tools that you need to avoid relapse.

The Willows takes great pride in the unique services that we offer. In fact, we create individual treatment plans for every client. Your program will address your key areas of concern. Some of our services include:

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