The Willows 12 Step Program 2Getting sober is one thing, but trying to stay sober is something that’s far more challenging for people with substance dependency. If remaining sober were easy, people would be able to go through a detox process with no issue. The dilemma is that there are many relapses because people don’t have the tools necessary to deal with life. The great news is that a 12 step program is one of the best ways to maintain your sobriety for years to come.

How Did the 12 Step Program Begin?

For thousands of years, people have been drinking alcohol and using drugs recreationally. As long as they’ve been doing this, there have been those afflicted by the disease of addiction. Up until the 1930s, medical professionals were utterly baffled as to how to help these people stay clean. People would go through a detoxification process, and they would return after a short time high or drunk again.

In the 1930s, a man by the name of Bill Wilson had learned of a way to stay sober, and he turned them into 12 steps. He and a man by the name of Dr. Bob began going to hospitals, sanitariums, and churches helping people with dependencies. For the first time in history, people were starting to stay clean and sober. The program started in Akron, Ohio, and now you can find millions of 12 step program meetings all over the world.

What is the Purpose of a 12 Step Program Meeting?

Row Of Recovery 1Something that Bill and Bob figured out is that even though mental health professionals are amazing, they can only do so much. Many people with a dependence on alcohol or drugs find more depth and weight when talking to someone in recovery. One person with a dependence talking to another presents more hope. Because of the success of Alcoholics Anonymous, many other programs have started like:

  • Narcotics Anonymous
  • Heroin Anonymous
  • Crystal Meth Anonymous
  • Cocaine Anonymous

In these meetings are men and women who share their experience, strength, and hope after drug or alcohol abuse. If you’re new to recovery, these meetings are where you realize that you too can live a clean life. This realization is crucial because many people abusing these substances feel incredibly lost and alone in their issues. In these meetings, you’ll see that you’re not alone, and you have massive amounts of support as well.

The Key to a 12 Step Program

While 12-step meetings are constructive, they’re only a small part of the recovery process. Those who embrace the program and make the decisions to work the 12 steps are the ones who succeed. These steps are designed to not only help you better understand your dependence on these substances, but they help you live a better life. These steps are so incredible that many people turn to these steps as a way of improving their lives.

Here at The Willows, we’re a facility that specializes in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Here, you’ll learn more about how a 12 step program can help you succeed in your recovery after treatment. While you’re in treatment, you’ll also find a wide range of other programs. Some of the therapies we offer here include:

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