Anxiety impacts more than 40 million people each year or roughly 18 percent of the population. Unfortunately, most of those individuals don’t get professional support. In many cases, anxiety can significantly reduce the quality of life. Women in search of an anxiety treatment center for women may find their solution at The Willows.

Properly Diagnosing Anxiety

Aniexty Replacement For WomanAn anxiety treatment center for women has to start with the basics: Properly diagnosing each client. Anxiety comes in many forms, and the best treatment will happen after a complete and thorough diagnosis.

In some cases, clients might arrive with a generalized anxiety disorder. Other clients might struggle with panic disorders, social anxiety or a more specific phobia. The exact treatment for each type of anxiety differs, so it is essential to understand and recognize the differences.

In addition, clients deserve a full examination and assessment. This determines whether any physical concerns need attention. It also highlights any co-occurring disorders that might require additional treatment.

Working Through Trauma

An anxiety treatment center for women will almost certainly need to provide trauma therapy. One form of anxiety is PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder. There is a clear and proven connection between a history of trauma and the development of anxiety.

For many women, attending an anxiety treatment center is a chance to dive into those underlying issues that led to anxiety. A history of abuse, witnessing a crime or living through a natural disaster could all lead to anxiety disorders. Resolving the trauma of the past in therapy can be one way to combat the anxiety today.

Offering Dual Diagnosis Treatment

At an anxiety treatment center for women, it is common for clients to struggle with more than one disorder at a time. Dual diagnosis treatment addresses more than one concern simultaneously.

Anxiety can often go hand in hand with other mental health disorders. It is common for anxiety to be accompanied by depression, for example. For total wellness, clients deserve dual diagnosis support that can address more than one issue at the same time.

Examining the Link Between Anxiety and Addiction

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An anxiety treatment center needs to offer more than just mental health services. Often, those who struggle with anxiety also struggle with addiction.

The rate of drug and alcohol addiction is much higher among those who have a diagnosis of anxiety.

It is common to see individuals with anxiety who also struggle with substance abuse. Fortunately, the right anxiety treatment center for women can

target these individuals and offer help for both health concerns.

Finding Meaning in Life

Confronting anxiety is a big step, and the right treatment can help clients feel stronger and happier. Beyond clinical support, clients deserve therapies that bring meaning and joy to life. Service work or recreational outings can be a great place to start. Developing hobbies or enjoying physical fitness can also boost outlook and lead to healthier, happier individuals.

The Willows Serves as an Anxiety Treatment Center for Women

The Willows at Red Oak Recovery is an anxiety treatment center designed specifically for women. Clients can experience treatment that makes a difference, improving their mental health in a welcoming, home-like environment. A wide range of therapies are available, just some of which include:

An anxiety treatment center for women should be a place that encourages recovery with a variety of therapies and strategies. The Willows in Fairview, North Carolina, does precisely that. To begin your journey to better mental and physical health, call (855) 773-0614 right away.