Substance abuse disorders are extremely common around the world. Once someone develops a dependence on drugs or alcohol, cocaine addiction treatment can help. However, before someone can get help, they have to realize that they actually need treatment.

Recognizing a Need for Cocaine Addiction Treatment Program for Women

young woman in need of a cocaine addiction treatment program for womenThere are many reasons why people sign up for addiction recovery programs. Some people are lucky enough to realize that they need help before it is too late. They may realize that they no longer want the financial costs or withdrawal symptoms that come from their substance abuse. Other clients choose to get cocaine addiction treatment because their loved ones staged an intervention.

Substance abuse disorders can involve cocaine, alcohol, or a blend of different drugs. Over time, the individual takes more and more drugs to feel the same sense of euphoria. Once the mind adjusts to the presence of drugs, it will go through withdrawal symptoms when the individual stops taking drugs. Because of this, it is important to go to a professional cocaine addiction treatment program for women.

Going Through Withdrawal Symptoms

After someone suffers from substance abuse, they have to detox from the drug to begin their rehab program. Detox is the part of cocaine addiction treatment where the remaining cocaine and other drugs leave the body. During this stage, many people will experience withdrawal symptoms. The strength and duration of symptoms depend on the length and intensity of the substance abuse disorder.

Individuals may experience mental symptoms like apathy, depression, anxiety or restlessness. As cocaine leaves the body, clients may have insomnia, appetite changes, fatigue, or agitation. Since these symptoms can be uncomfortable and even dangerous, it is important to get professional help during recovery.

Individualized Treatment and Dual Diagnosis Care

Each person has different life experiences and a unique substance abuse history. When someone chooses a cocaine addiction treatment program, they need to find individualized options. In an individualized program, clients can get the exact care they need for their substance abuse, mental disorders, and other conditions.

Sometimes, a mental condition will fuel a substance abuse disorder. Other people may develop a mental disorder because of their initial substance abuse. In either case, co-occurring disorders treatment works to treat both of these conditions at once. By treating the co-occurring disorder as well, clients can manage the root cause of their substance abuse.

Another option for rehab is a cocaine addiction treatment program for women. A gender-specific program helps clients share stories, learn from each other’s experience, and feel comfortable in group settings. A womens addiction treatment center offers the customized, gender-specific care that women need to begin their personal recovery journeys.

Picking the Right Treatment Program

Choosing the right cocaine addiction treatment program is important for an individual’s long-term success. In the right program, individuals can learn about the underlying cause of their substance abuse, connect to peers, and get the therapy that they need. From individualized treatment to gender-specific programs, there are many kinds of cocaine addiction treatment options available. Treatment specialists can also help individuals figure out the kind of care they need.

In the treatment center, clients can find options such as:

  • Family therapy
  • Trauma therapy
  • Rope courses, gardening, hiking, and horseback riding
  • Aftercare options
  • Dual diagnosis care
  • Yoga, acupuncture, and meditation
  • Service work

The pain of an addiction does not have to last forever. If you or a loved one is suffering from substance abuse disorder or mental illness, The Willows at Red Oak Recovery can help with recovery. Our team of therapists and medical professionals provide a calm, peaceful environment where you can become sober. To learn more about our options, contact The Willows at Red Oak Recovery today at 855.773.0614.