adolescent struggling with food and in need of a anorexia treatment center in ncAnorexia is an eating disorder characterized by low body weight and self-imposed restrictions on food consumption. Even with support and the best of intentions, it is tough to overcome an eating disorder alone. That’s why attending an anorexia treatment center in NC is such a smart choice for many individuals. Get to know the benefits of treatment, how to choose the right treatment center and how to get started with your recovery.

The Benefits of Attending an Anorexia Treatment Center in NC

Whether you’re attending an anorexia treatment center in NC or an anorexia treatment center anywhere else around the world, you’ll get plenty of support. Often, clients in treatment feel like they are lonely or just misunderstood. Having a network of support and care can make all the difference.

Another benefit of a formal anorexia treatment center is that clients will have access to medical attention. While not all clients need medical care, most people struggling with anorexia will have some issues that need attention. From diet and nutrition to any lingering physical problems, the staff at an anorexia treatment center can help.

Exploring the Underlying Issues

If you’re searching for an anorexia treatment center in NC, make sure you choose one that addresses the underlying issues of anorexia. Rarely does anorexia develop out of the blue. More often than not, it is the result of other underlying issues. Tackling anorexia means tackling those other issues as well.

Some clients might have mental health issues that need attention. Issues like anxiety or even depression can have an impact on anorexia. Other clients may be struggling with a history of trauma. To truly end anorexia, the underlying factors need to be confronted directly to prevent a relapse.

Addressing Co-Occurring Disorders

While anorexia can be a standalone issue, it normally occurs alongside another disorder or issue. Addiction treatment services should provide simultaneous help for these issues as well. If they are related, then true recovery isn’t possible until they are all resolved.

Many clients struggle with substance abuse as well as anorexia. In these cases, clients will need substance abuse treatment. Addressing both issues at once means a better chance of long-term recovery without relapse. Dual diagnosis might also be necessary for mental health disorders.

Providing a Wide Range of Therapies and Treatment Methods

There is no one size fits all cure for anorexia. It is important for all clients to have a customized approach to their recovery. For some, experiential therapy or recreational therapy can be hugely beneficial. By trying new things and getting active, some clients can see their bodies in a new way.

Other clients struggle more with a Type A personality and the idea of perfectionism. The right therapy can target that effectively. Involving family through family therapy is also a key part of the equation. By offering a wide range of options, clients will be able to get the right help for their individual conditions and lifestyles.

Overcome Anorexia at The Willows

The Willows is an anorexia treatment center in NC. Every client that chooses The Willows can expect comprehensive care and plenty of support throughout the recovery process. By redefining the clinical experience, The Willows manages to help clients from a medical point of view but still offer comfort along the way. Some of the many treatments available to clients include the following:

The right anorexia treatment center in NC can give your recovery the kickstart it needs. The Willows in Fairview, North Carolina, offers comprehensive care with lots of comforts. Call 855-773-0614 to learn more about overcoming anorexia once and for all.