woman taking part in addiction therapy services Addiction therapy services require the creative use of many different tools and techniques. Since each person’s background, future goals, and response to therapy differ, a wide variety of treatment options are needed. The information below explains what addiction is. It also talks about the typical signs of a problem and the best ways to get help.

What is Addiction?

Addiction therapy can work through gaining an understanding of what the word means. This level of dependence describes a chronic condition in which a person compulsively abuses addictive substances. It results in drastic changes in the brain that can continue for a long time, resulting in severe effects that spill over into virtually all parts of a person’s life. Addiction therapy services are an essential step in recovering from this problem.

Recognizing the Signs

How can you be sure if addiction therapy services are what you need? Being aware of the following signs will help you determine the severity of an issue:

  • Secretive behavior- Many of those caught in the throes of substance abuse will lie or hide specific actions to cover up their problem. They may also feel embarrassed or ashamed of how severe their issues have become.
  • Preoccupation with use- Those fighting against dependence will often display a concern with substance use. For example, he user may seem to spend almost all their time planning to use a substance or recovering from the previous use.
  • Physical dependence- Physical dependence is often the first step. When dependence occurs, the person has become accustomed to the effects of the drug. Therefore, they have to take more of it all the time to keep feeling those effects. Withdrawal symptoms refer to unpleasant physical manifestations that occur when the person tries to stop using the drug.

What are Common Types of Addiction Therapy Services

Addiction therapy services remain diverse because every person battling this problem experiences different needs. Addiction therapy can include any combination of the following common elements:

  • Personal counseling- Individual counseling occurs between the individual seeking treatment and his counselor. This intimate setting may allow the person to feel safe in talking about personal matters openly.
  • Group counseling- Group counseling occurs in a large group of the individual’s peers who are going through some of the same difficulties. This type of therapy can help a person see that they are not alone in their struggles.
  • Family interventions- Family therapy can be a vital part of recovering from substance abuse. The family of those affected by drug use can gain a better understanding of the problem at hand. They can also learn useful tools in helping their family member cope with daily struggles.
  • Medication-assisted therapy- In many cases, treatment and medication combine to create a successful treatment plan. When used together with other forms of therapy, medication can be useful in helping a person cope with withdrawal and similar aspects of treatment.

Searching for the Appropriate Treatment Center

Addiction therapy is a highly personal experience that will be different for every person that goes through it. Quality treatment centers understand the need to formulate a plan that is specific to each person’s needs. Always ask questions to get the information you need about a treatment facility option.

The Willows at Red Oak Recovery

Most people who are experiencing the effects of drug abuse need the support and care of professional rehab specialists. The Willows is a rehab treatment facility dedicated to supporting the needs of women as they heal. All addiction treatment programs occur in a gender-specific setting that helps women feel safe and secure.

Don’t let substance abuse continue to wreak havoc on your life. You can overcome your problems with the help of addiction therapy services. Contact The Willows today at 855-773-0614 to find out how we can help you regain control of your life.