Prescription pill abuse is a very real and serious problem impacting millions of Americans. Despite the severity of this issue, many people remain unaware of the dangers of some of their medications. Growing dependent on drugs that help you manage anxiety and insomnia can lead to the need for a benzo addiction treatment program. People can quickly develop destructive abuse habits. Without help from a prescription drug addiction treatment program, users increase their chances of suffering long-term mental and physical health issues.

About Benzos and Dependency

client and therapist talking during a benzo addiction treatment program at a benzo addiction treatment center for womenBenzodiazepines, or benzos for short, are sedatives that doctors may prescribe for patients who need help managing seizures or insomnia. People also use them to lessen anxiety. When a person takes benzos, she feels calm and relaxed.

Physical and psychological dependency can happen even with prescription drugs like benzos. Once dependency sets in, a person will need benzo addiction treatment to get better.

Some common benzos include Valium, Ativan, and Xanax. In most cases, benzos are for short-term use. But once a person becomes dependent on their effects, she may self-medicate. Drinking alcohol, another depressant, while taking benzos can be an especially dangerous combination.

This type of abuse requires help from a benzo addiction treatment program to overcome the problem. Clients looking for gender-specific care should search for a benzo addiction treatment center for women that addresses their specific issues.

Do You Need a Benzo Addiction Treatment Program?

How do you know if you or someone close to you needs benzo addiction treatment? Signs that point to a problem include physical and psychological symptoms, such as:

  • Coordination problems
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Dizzy spells
  • Memory loss
  • Physical weakness

In addition, some people who need a benzo addiction treatment program “doctor shop,” or go to different physicians to secure prescriptions. If they have trouble securing drugs this way, they might start buying them from unregulated sellers, including from online dealers.

Using drugs in ways other than intended, such as snorting in order to experience a more intense high, is another indication that a person needs benzo addiction treatment.

Finding a Benzo Addiction Treatment Center for Women

If you know that you need treatment, how do you choose the best rehab? Consult with different facilities to find out if they offer a benzo addiction treatment program that meets your specific needs.

Women especially can benefit from a benzo addiction treatment center for women. In gender-specific settings, clients often feel more comfortable discussing difficult topics and sharing with their peers in recovery. Getting yourself into a prescription drug addiction treatment program before the problem grows any bigger is the best way to put your life back on track.

In Fairview, North Carolina, you’ll find an excellent center for women that treats a range of substance use disorders.

A Sanctuary for Women Only

The Willows is a women-only rehab center providing a range of effective drug addiction treatment programs. Our facility offers care where clients feel safe and supported. We focus on integrating all facets of health, from the physical to the emotional and mental.

Our services include:

In our home-like environment located on an old horse farm, find the peace and serenity you need to overcome drug and alcohol dependency. You can experience a healthier, happier future when you reach out to the compassionate team at The Willows. Take a big step toward recovery by reaching out today at 855-773-0614 and begin benzo addiction treatment.