woman hiking during Adventure TherapyMany believe that getting in touch with nature and experiencing the outside world has healing properties. Therefore, it is no surprise that adventure therapy is a component of the rehabilitation process for those impacted by substance abuse. What does adventure-based therapy consist of? What are the benefits associated with this form of treatment? We will expand on these questions below.

Understanding Adventure Therapy

Adventure therapy involves the use of outdoor leisure activities to promote recovery. Activities such as hiking and camping can allow those affected by substance abuse to develop confidence, self-reliance, and discipline that will enhance all areas of life. When combined with other tools and programs, adventure-based therapy can help people overcome the trials associated with substance abuse.

Adventure Therapy as Part of a Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Adventure therapy is often one part of an overall treatment plan for substance abuse. It can be combined with other leisure activities, counseling, and behavioral modification protocols to effect lasting changes in a person’s life. Your rehabilitation team will design a treatment plan with your specific needs in mind.

What are the Benefits of Adventure Therapy?

Adventure therapy offers many unique benefits in the rehab setting. Keep in mind the following list of advantages related to adventure-based therapies:

Improved Mental and Physical Health

Those engaging in action-based therapies often experience peace of mind. They may see a reduction in anxiety and depression issues, for example. Additionally, physical health issues can improve with the implementation of more physically challenging actions.

Time for Intense Reflection

Outdoor adventure therapies allow the opportunity for a person to reflect on his past and set goals for his future. Deep self-reflection and meditation can help identify specific problem areas that need attention.

Chance for Strong Relationships with Peers

The majority of adventure therapy takes place with a group of peers who likely struggle with the same issues. Being in an outdoor setting with these peers can foster deep friendships that may last for years to come. People may also learn to communicate with others more effectively as they work together toward a common goal.

Increased Self-Reliance

In many cases, those struggling with substance abuse may lose faith in their ability to accomplish the things they want to do. They may become overly reliant on others for the most basic daily functions. Adventure therapy can boost self-reliance and self-esteem, two important factors for a full healing process.

How Can You Show Support for a Loved One?

If you have a loved one struggling with substance abuse, she may feel very isolated at times. As a result, you may also feel stressed and overwhelmed during this trying time. While negative emotions are normal, it is important to prevent them from deterring you in your path toward seeking help. Many treatment centers offering a holistic approach to care can give your family the tools necessary to triumph over addiction-related problems. Holistic rehab centers can also make the entire recovery process more comfortable for your family. As you meet with potential rehab centers, be sure to ask any important questions you may have. Your family can work together to settle on a facility that lines up with your beliefs and goals.

About The Willows

The Willows is an experienced rehabilitation facility in Asheville, North Carolina. This facility provides access to an all-female setting where women can feel safe during their healing journey. The serene environment and innovative treatment techniques come together to provide the ideal atmosphere for addiction recovery.

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