2019 08 20T16 08  AshleyE  The Willows Website Photo Updates Nutrional TherapyMental and behavioral issues can affect various aspects of an individual’s life. In fact, a person’s physical, mental, and emotional health can be devastated by these problems. For this reason, the best treatment outcomes often come from holistic measures that incorporate different avenues of an individual’s wellbeing. Nutritional therapy is one option when it comes to finding a successful treatment.

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy can be an essential part of an educational program designed to lessen or eliminate severe issues that result from substance abuse or mental illness. For some treatment centers, this might include a complete physical evaluation, bloodwork to check for nutrient deficiencies and educational tools to help people learn how to eat healthily.

How Does Nutrition Impact Recovery?

Nutrition can have a powerful effect on a person’s recovery in many different ways. For some people, severe deficiencies may exist due to a weak appetite caused by drug abuse. For others, specific diseases and health conditions can result in an increased need for nutrients. No matter what is going on in a person’s situation, proper nutritional therapy can offer a lot of advantages during recovery.

2019 08 20T16 08  AshleyE  The Willows Website Photo Updates ArtisticfoodBenefits of Nutritional Therapy

You can find the following benefits through a complete nutritional counseling program:

  • Repairing damage– Damage can occur to many systems of the body because of substance abuse. Proper nutrition can help repair some of the damage that occurs. It also serves to boost the immune system for an improved quality of life.
  • Stabilization of mood– Mood swings and emotional instability are common problems for those who have been influenced by addictive substances. Some changes in the brain can last for many years after addictive elements are no longer in use. Excellent nutrition can help those who have gone through treatment to gain better control of their moods and emotional state.
  • Preventing stress– The stress of going through the rehabilitation process can also create some health issues. Some people may not feel that well during treatment, leading to a tendency not to eat correctly. Nutritional counseling can help these individuals prevent additional damage from the stress of recovery.
  • Reducing cravings– Cravings for addictive substances can continue for a long time following treatment. In many cases, proper nutrition can help reduce the severity of these cravings. If nothing else, a proper diet can help the person manage the stress associated with cravings without giving into them.
  • Encouraging self-love– Many people who have been through treatment for drug abuse have negative feelings toward themselves. Learning to care for their personal needs by maintaining a healthy diet can help these individuals practice self-respect.

Finding a Treatment Center for a Troubled Loved One

Have you become saddened at watching a loved one suffer from substance abuse? You are not alone in your feelings of concern over the future destiny of your family member. Proper addiction treatment services can provide relief from the problems that have ripped through your household. If a holistic approach is essential to you, finding a treatment center that offers nutritional assistance, exercise therapy, meditation, and other options can be a huge benefit.

The Willows

Professional treatment is an essential element in recovering from substance abuse and mental illness. The Willows is an esteemed rehab for women. By offering innovative treatments in a women-only setting, every person accepting treatment here can experience the compassionate and safe care they deserve.

If you think nutritional therapy can help you find lasting recovery, turn to the professionals at The Willows to learn more. Find out about your treatment options by calling today at 855-773-0614.