Completing treatment takes work. Many people cannot wait to get back home to friends and family, leaving as soon as rehab ends. Others make a more informed decision for a brighter future, that of entering a primary treatment center. But what is a primary treatment center and how can it help you?

What Is a Primary Treatment Center?

A primary treatment center is the first place you go when you decide to get free of drugs and alcohol. During your time in this program, you focus on detoxing from alcohol or drugs, and you attend therapy programs.

Why Is a Primary Treatment Center a Good Option?

women discussing a primary treatment centerA primary treatment center gives you the opportunity to focus on getting free from drugs and alcohol. In this environment, you maintain access to some addiction treatment services. You also enjoy the support of your peers as you practice living a sober life together.

Benefits of a primary treatment center include a smoother transition to your “regular” everyday life after the structure of rehab. Being in this environment helps you avoid relapse. It serves as an intermediary point between rehab and the often-scary freedom of living independently at home.

Being in this environment also gives you support and social connections to other people on the same life path. This helps you avoid feeling isolated throughout treatment, as many people do. You feel positively engaged and inspired in your daily life since you live among others taking their first steps back into the “real world.”

Because this treatment program requires everyone in the program to focus on recovery, you do not fall into old negative routines from your past. You enjoy the benefits of teamwork and living within healthy limits. You observe the rules of the center and become used to living a sober, clean and responsible life.

A Primary Treatment Center Works

A primary treatment center is an excellent place to begin your recovery. At the Willows at Red Oak, we offer a wide variety of treatments that we’ve designed to help people just like you overcome addiction. With holistic and evidence-based programs, you’re able to overcome your addiction in a healthy way. Holistic therapies are treatments that we use to heal a person’s mind, body, and soul. These treatments are particularly necessary in addiction treatment because substance abuse causes significant damage and harm to all parts of the body.

We also use many evidence-based treatments. These treatments have undergone extensive research and testing from addiction treatment professionals. These treatments allow you to get to the root cause of your addiction, and give you methods to overcome triggers and temptation. Using both holistic and evidence-based treatments gives you the best possible chance at a long term recovery. A lasting recovery is our foremost goal at our primary treatment center.

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Healing and recovery are our goals at a primary treatment center. In this program, you need a variety of therapies and treatments to achieve sobriety and set a goal of living in sobriety. The Willows at Red Oak, a women’s treatment center in Fairview, NC, provides these therapies and treatments. They include:

Your primary treatment center at The Willows helps you firmly establish your sobriety and long lasting recovery. This means you do not have to stand alone in those tricky days of recovery. Contact The Willows now at 855.773.0614 to learn more and start your recovery today.