happy woman after long term drug rehabMany different treatment options exist when it comes to the management of substance abuse. For some, outpatient services can successfully meet their needs. Others require long term inpatient rehab to maintain sobriety. Developing the right treatment plan will depend on a variety of different factors, including personal needs and goals. The information below will provide facts about long-term rehab centers, and outline the benefits our women’s addiction treatment center offers.

Defining the Problem

Substance abuse and dependence are common problems among all age groups. In general, substance abuse refers to the chronic misuse of addictive substances. This use is a dangerous problem that can lead to the development of full-blown drug dependence. When this dependence does occur, the person can suffer from severe physical and mental symptoms if he tries to stop using the drug. These severe withdrawal symptoms are one of the main reasons many people have great difficulty breaking free from drug use in spite of the harm it inflicts.

Facts about Long Term Inpatient Rehab

Outpatient treatment centers offer short-term drug rehab programs. While these can be very useful for some individuals, they may not be in-depth enough to cover the needs of others. Long term drug rehab can help treat the immediate effects of substance abuse and formulate a successful relapse prevention plan for future success.

Qualities of a Successful Long Term Drug Rehab for Women

There are many qualities to look for in a long term inpatient drug rehab center. As a general rule, the following attributes can prove helpful:

  • Holistic therapies– Holistic therapies are designed to target every need an individual has. Therefore, attention is on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. This focus can provide a higher level of satisfaction with the overall outcome of treatment.
  • Diverse options- Every person responds to treatment differently. Once the treatment process begins, changes may have to occasionally be made to accommodate for individual needs and responses to the given therapy. Therefore, it’s essential that a women’s addiction treatment center has access to a vast number of tools, techniques, and programs.
  • Aftercare program– Treatment for something as serious as substance abuse is a lengthy process. In fact, the supportive aftercare and management of the problem may need to go on for years. Choosing a treatment facility that places great importance on quality aftercare can give you an excellent long-term outcome.

2019 08 20T16 08  AshleyE  The Willows Website Photo Updates Long Term Drug Rehab Center TabBenefits of Seeking Professional Treatment

Seeking professional treatment through an adequate long term rehab is essential for most people affected by this severe issue. After all, if it were easy to break free from substance abuse on your own, wouldn’t you have already done so? The complexities of this problem, coupled with severe and long-lasting cravings, can make it very difficult to put an end to these issues. This is where the life-saving knowledge, skill, and dedication of a caring rehab facility can do wonders for your progress toward healing. Additionally, a skilled treatment facility of this type can work with you at preventing a future relapse, therefore setting you up for a lifetime of success.

The Willows for Long Term Inpatient Rehab

Women face some unique issues when it comes to their needs, goals, and desires for successful treatment. The Willows is a high-quality rehab treatment center dedicated to supporting the needs of women through the entire recovery process. They provide innovative tools, in-depth programs, and a safe all-female setting where women can get the compassionate care they deserve.

Don’t let substance abuse control your life. We have the tools you need to succeed in your recovery. Contact The Willows at 855-773-0614 to begin long term inpatient rehab. Learn about our substance abuse treatment options.