two women discussing their rational emotive behavioral therapy programMany types of therapies are combined to provide effective treatment options for substance abuse. The following facts help to talk about behavioral therapies in more detail. This information will focus mostly on an intervention called rational emotive behavioral therapy. It will also highlight some of the main benefits this therapy offers.

Understanding Behavioral Therapies

To get more information about rational emotive behavioral therapy, we need an understanding of behavioral therapies overall. Behavioral therapies generally attempt to access specific patterns of thought or reasoning. The theory is that changing underlying patterns of thought has the power to change the resulting behaviors.

What is Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy?

Rational emotive behavioral therapy is a specific form of cognitive-behavioral therapy targeted at recognizing and changing irrational beliefs. Created by a psychologist by the name of Albert Ellis, this form of treatment can be a highly effective tool for handling serious addictions.

What are the Benefits of Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy?

Next, we will become familiar with some of the benefits that rational emotive behavioral therapy has to offer. A well-rounded protocol that includes a rational emotive behavioral therapy program can have the following advantages:

Clear Understanding of Self

All types of behavioral therapies can provide deep insight into a person’s typical thoughts and beliefs. This can sometimes help those struggling with substance abuse to understand why their issue happened.

Personal Responsibility for Life

Understanding the deeper patterns of thought behind a person’s actions urges him to take full responsibility for what happens in his life. Taking responsibility for one’s own thoughts and actions can be a huge source of power for stimulating positive change.

Understanding the Connection of Thought and Behavior

Many people do not realize how strong the connection between thoughts and actions is. All behaviors generally begin with a simple thought or belief. Understanding the power of this connection can help people get a clear picture of how much control they really do have in their lives.

Developing Positive Ways of Coping

A rational emotive behavioral therapy program also opens the door for the development of strong coping skills. Developing these skills while in the safer confines of a rehabilitation center will allow a person to prepare for daily life once treatment ends fully.

Personalized Treatment

A rational emotive behavioral therapy program occurs with another cognitive behavioral therapy program. The most skilled facilities will cater a full program to your specific needs. Additional options might include medication, psychotherapy, family therapy, and leisure activities.

Choosing the Right Rehab Center

Are you considering reaching out to a rehab center that provides a rational emotive-behavioral therapy program? Choosing the right treatment center is a big responsibility. However, it can be made easier by talking to your loved ones about what you would like to achieve from rehabilitation. Make a short list of essential questions that you would like to address with each possible facility too. This process will put your mind at ease as you make these critical decisions.

About The Willows

Finding a treatment facility that provides a rational emotive behavioral therapy program might be easier than you realize. The Willows is a skilled rehab center that offers addiction therapy services for women. The programs provided here are in a female-only setting to allow for maximum comfort during treatment. The serene environment also lets you focus entirely on the important aspects of healing.

Don’t remain locked in a self-destructive cycle of substance abuse. The right facility can give you the addiction treatment services you need to overcome these devastating issues. Call 855-773-0614 to find out how the compassionate professionals at The Willows can help you get started on the road to recovery today.