When it comes to addiction treatment, women have unique needs in comparison to men. As a result, a women’s addiction treatment program may be a good option if you’re trying to escape the chains of addiction. While you may be tempted to seek treatment at a local women’s addiction treatment center in Buckhead, GA, they may not be able to offer you the tools you need. As a result, it may be worth traveling a few hours to get treatment at our women’s addiction treatment center in North Carolina. To learn about the advantages of our Asheville, North Carolina treatment center, contact the Willows at Red Oak by calling 855.773.0614 today. 

Why is Attending a Women’s Treatment Center Vital to Recovery?a group of women discuss attending the willows at red oak instead of a women's addiction treatment center in buckhead ga

One of the critical reasons why attending a women’s treatment center is vital to your recovery is due to the fact that women begin using substances for different reasons than men. For instance, you may have begun using substances due to a traumatic event, such as a verbal, sexual, or physical assault from a man. As a result, you may not feel comfortable or safe discussing this event in a mixed-gender group therapy session. Other women begin using substances because they needed a way to cope with the pressures of motherhood and the workplace. While men face similar pressures, other women will better understand what you’ve been through, so they will be able to support you in your struggles. 

Furthermore, attending a women’s treatment center allows you to focus on getting treatment for problems that are unique to women. For instance, many women report using substances to cope with a mental health condition. A women’s addiction treatment center in Buckhead, GA may not be equipped to give you the support you need for both of your conditions. However, with our dual diagnosis treatment center’s help, our addiction treatment center provides support for both your addiction and mental illness simultaneously. Our dual diagnosis treatment center addresses a wide range of conditions, including:

Why Should I Not Attend a Women’s Addiction Treatment Center in Buckhead, GA?

There are many advantages to not getting treatment at a local women’s addiction treatment center in Buckhead, GA. For instance, with out-of-state treatment, you’re more able to maintain your reputation at work and in your community. You don’t have to worry about running into someone you know while you’re getting treatment. Instead, you can maintain your anonymity and privacy as you focus on your recovery. 

Additionally, when you seek treatment at our North Carolina treatment center, you can take a break from friendships and romantic relationships that may have triggered you to return to substance abuse. You can also build a support system of people who can help keep you accountable for your sobriety. 

Finally, not seeking treatment at a women’s addiction treatment center near your home in Buckhead, GA removes you from potential relapse triggers. When you first attend treatment, you don’t want to face temptations that may lead you to want to use substances again. By attending the Willows at Red Oak, you put yourself in an unfamiliar environment, removing possible triggers from your vicinity. 

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At the Willows at Red Oak, we’re as committed to your long-term recovery as you are. Our women’s treatment center focuses directly on the factors that influence women. We also give you the tools that you need to manage and overcome your addiction in the long run. However, the first step to recovery is contacting our treatment center. To learn more about the advantages of the Willows at Red Oak over a women’s addiction treatment center in Buckhead, GA, contact us today at 855.773.0614